Where is God?

God is present:

  • When you drive on reverse cautiously to give the truck driver a chance to make that turn where there is a mile long of cars to fill their gas tank because they are scare of running out of gas and you created the space for the truck to keep going.
  • When others pray with you.
  • When a friend calls or text you to check on you and you do the same.
  • When you start counting your blessings, God is there.
  • When is raining and you see the beauty in it.
  • When is very very dark, and you have faith everything will be fine.

“Stop looking for happiness and instead look for meaning. (Jordan Peterson)”

  • When you sing amidst your pain.
  • When you see a disabled person going harder than you at the gym.
  • When a stranger allows you to go through in traffic.
  • When in line at the supermarket a stranger let’s you go first.
  • When others nod their head as you pass to acknowledge you.
  • When a neighbor lets you know of a water leak that you didn’t notice outside.
  • When everyone sings together worship music.
  • When you don’t rush others to do things in your time, but in God’s time, when they are ready.
  • When others encourage you.
  • When others understand you.
  • When others respect your boundaries and still love you.

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Alfe Corona

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